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Audra North Adds To Her Excellent Stanton Family Novellas with Healing Her Heart

1 Jun

Healing Her Heart (Stanton Family Novella #3 – Greg and Carrie) by Audra North (Entangled: Edge, May 27, 2014)

I really adore a well done novella, preferably one that manages to pack an emotional punch, preferably so effectively that I feel like I’ve read a full-length book upon finishing the last page. If you feel the same, than look no further than contemporary romance writer, Audra North, and her trifecta of Stanton Family novellas.

Having fallen for her writing (hard) upon reading, One Night In Santiago, I quickly found the driven but loving Stanton family to be pretty irresistible. Falling for the CEO continued the trend, so I was pretty much panting to get my hands on Healing Her Heart.

Healing Her Heart focuses on the oldest Stanton – hard-working cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton – who finds himself confronted by death at every turn, to the point where he now is suffering anxiety attacks and exhibiting mild PTSD symptoms. The only person who brings him out of his panic is Carrie, a blond beauty who runs the local assisted living center.

This nurse administrator is warm and caring, and Greg thinks that time with her might be exactly what the doctor ordered. With his schedule he has no room in his life for a relationship, prompting Greg to make an executive decision and take a week off to convince Carrie that a fling fitting into that time period – nothing more or less – would help them both work through the overwhelming attraction they feel for one another. In order to have the ultimate proximity to do his seducing, Greg agrees to help Carrie out with her short-staffed facility as a volunteer.

Falling for the CEO (Stanton Family Novella #1 – Andrew and Meredith) by Audra North (Entangled: Edge, 2013)

While there is zero doubt in Carrie’s mind that she wants to take the sexy doctor up on his all-too-enticing offer, reservations exist. Carrie had a scarring experience with her ex-fiancee, a man who betrayed her trust and used her for his own family power play before abandoning her the day before their wedding…via email. She’s actually relieved at Greg’s caveat of only the one week, but it’s only a couple of days before she’s feeling a lot more than she bargained for. When she begins to suspect that Greg might be using her as crutch to help with his untreated anxiety, that bad taste in her mouth is the feeling that she is once again a means to an end – only this time, she might actually love the man using her. It’s going to take all the many years of wisdom found in the funny, wise residents of her facility to help Carrie see something freely given is different from something taken.

One Night in Santiago (Stanton Family #2 – Bruno and Lily) by Audra North (Entangled: Edge, December 2013)

I’ll admit that the uber-sexy Bruno in One Night in Santiago is hands down my favorite Stanton Family hero, but Greg is no slouch and I love the members of this brilliant, hard-working family who clearly share a strong love for their siblings. While Carrie is horribly jaded when it comes to men, she is a warm, giving person in every other relationship in her life, so you know there is hope if Greg can chisel through those walls. Greg has worked a schedule that would kill a lesser doctor for so long that his time with Carrie not only helps him work through the cause of his anxiety but helps remove the blinders that have blocked the knowledge that he’s been neglecting the maintenance of his familial relationships. He’s still blind enough to be oblivious to the fact that Carrie is not a mind-reader, but he comes through with a big enough gesture in the end to prove he’s a Stanton (and we love the Stantons!). Thank heavens there’s still the youngest sister on the horizon!

Each of the three installments are only $.99 each so you could get three outstanding stories for less than $3.00, which is a total bargain. Entangled is also running a a Rafflecopter giveaway for gift cards that you should definitely enter to see if you can offset your romance reading addiction.

Audra North is a talented writer who has made us all appreciate the Stanton family even more with the latest addition to her series about this family. Thanks, Audra!

Happy reading! 🙂

You’ll Book Your Ticket to Chile After Reading Audra North’s One Night In Santiago

30 Dec

One Night in Santiago by Audra North (Entangled: Flaunt, December 30, 2013)

Now, I don’t know if you can afford the Executive Suite at the Ritz in Santiago, but I bet there will be plenty of women loitering in that hotel’s lobby looking for a hero like Bruno Komarov after reading this story. Hot. Damn.

Lily Stanton is stressed and tired. She’s ready to leave Santiago and her so-called vacation behind but the airport isn’t cooperating. Rolling in the lobby of the Santiago Ritz soaking wet in yoga pants isn’t her most elegant moment, but she’s a seasoned traveler with her consulting company so she can handle it. Waiting in line, she can’t help but notice the gorgeous guy who has come in from the storm on her heels. When they are both told by two different hotel clerks that there is only room left, there’s a scrabble for it. When Lily is declared the winner (by Mr. Hunkalicious giving it to her – his Ritz Rewards card trumped her claim), the least she can do is offer to share the suite. After all, the sofa turns into a bed and there is something inherently trustworthy about Bruno Komarov and his voiced worry that he wouldn’t want his sisters to offer to share a hotel room with a stranger.

Santiago, Chile – surrounded by the mountains Lily skiied in is a modern city filled with contrasts between its historical buildings and modern architecture (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

While Lily has nothing to fear from Bruno, she should still worry. He’s done nothing but have lascivious thoughts about her gorgeous body and megawatt smile since he spotted her in line in the lobby and the thought of sharing a room is a bit more than his nether region appears capable of handling. Even worse is watching her talk to her sister and discuss her life and work over their dinner – Bruno realizes that this kind, intelligent, capable and slightly damaged woman is exactly what he’s been waiting for while immersing himself in his family’s California and Chilean vineyards. He desperately wants to be a gentleman but when her face reflects his obvious arousal, all bets are off, and this Santiago hotel room is about to get a lot hotter. Convincing a woman he’s known for hours that they might have a future even when they live so far apart is going to be a bit harder, but Bruno is going to make it happen – if she doesn’t escape in the morning, that is.

Audra North – where has she been all my life? A newer addition to Entangled’s stable of authors, her writing proves that the editors at this publishing house have an incredible nose for talent. I was astonished looking over the specs that One Night in Santiago was only about 58 pages. You could have easily convinced me that it was twice as long (and charged me twice as much) because I felt so emotionally invested in the characters. Bruno is Latino-Russian sex on a stick and such a great person that it’s impossible not to fall for him right along with Lily. Lily is a smart, sexy heroine recovering from her ex, but so full of optimism while she rebuilds her confidence that she genuinely deserves Bruno and what he can give her. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that while North continues to write, she might consider giving us a glimpse of these two amidst their HEA while telling us the story of another wonderful couple.

Happy reading!

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