December Read-a-Thon: ‘Tis the Season To Be Tempted by Aimee Carson Puts One Naughty Girl and a Very Good Guy Under the Tree This Season

21 Dec

‘Tis the Season To Be Tempted by Aimee Carson (Entangled: Indulgence, November 22, 2013)

I cannot believe this is the last one of the novellas from Entangled’s ‘Tis the Season bundle! *sniff* I was super worried that with the first three being so awesome, maybe I was going to be disappointed with Aimee Carson‘s novella – after all, I haven’t read anything of hers before so she was a bit of a wild card. After Kate Hardy’s Scrooge-turned-Santa hero, Heidi Rice’s playboy-meets-uptight-British-workaholic, and Amy Andrews’ Drunk-Kindergarten-Teacher-Falls-For-Sexy-Soldier, how could anyone live up to the high bar set by these fabulous authors? Especially someone whose work I really don’t know?

Well, THAT’S something that will be changing considering how hot and funny ‘Tis the Season To Be Tempted is. Any author who manages to work ice tongs into a sex scene – and makes them wicked hot – is deserving of my admiration!

Wes Campbell is exhausted and a little depressed that he’s spent New Year’s with a client rather than anyone he actually cared about. He just wants to rest on the plane and gear up for even more work the next day. Facing the realization that his life is pretty bleak – no real family, a failed “perfect” marriage, and nothing but his business to occupy his time – is painful to say the least. Then the sound of someone’s voice drifts to his first class seat and Wes’ world fills with color, because that panicked voice belongs to the one woman who was always off limits, the perpetual rebel and younger sister of his best friend and college roommate, Evie Lee.

Evie is convinced that, after the year she’s had, it’s all too likely that she is going die a fiery death on this plane and no amount of gin and tonics seem to soften the reality. When she hears a deep male voice ordering the flight attendant to go easy on the alcohol, she’s unsurprised to see Wes, aka “Harvard,” her brother’s bossy best friend. He’s been a thorn in her side forever, managing to witness all her humiliating moments growing up. It’s been a decade since she’s been home to see her affluent parents who would have loved their daughter to go to an Ivy League school or at least marry someone like Wes, but Evie’s career putting a now-highly successful band on the map isn’t worthy of their admiration. With all this liquid courage, a little flirting with Wes might exactly what she needs to take her mind off her impending death, right?

While it’s the heroine who wears Hello, Kitty underpants, there is something far more sexy about the male version, don’t you think?

OMG, two terrific characters who are still wrestling with some inner doubts and vulnerability – Evie in that her breakup and job change have undermined the success she created for herself on her own terms and Wes in that his work and his life are not as fulfilling as they are supposed to be and he knows something is missing. That something is clearly Evie, and the heat between these two is smoking; their historical sparks have obviously been hiding that chemistry. Any author that can make Hello, Kitty underpants and hotel food implements sexy is a tremendous talent, and Aimee Carson‘s writing is detailed, funny and hot – a terrific combination. 🙂

Just like the other outstanding authors in this collection, Carson’s novella feels like a longer work because it is so packed with emotion. A bargain at $.99, the bundle with all four of these fabulous holiday stories at $2.99 is an outstanding bargain and an affordable stocking stuffer for your favorite romance reader (or a great way to use that bookseller gift card you received). My happiness centers on the fact that I get to race out and buy more Aimee Carson books (I’ve already put a bunch on my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads) so my time with this great author is only beginning. Merry Christmas to me (and you)!

Happy reading!!

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