Diamond Bras and Men Out of Uniform Make Rhonda Nelson’s The Closer a Winner

19 Aug

The Closer (Men Out of Uniform #15 – Griffin and Jessalyn) by Rhonda Nelson (Harlequin Blaze, August 20, 2013)

It is my intense pleasure to let you know that Rhonda Nelson has a new addition to her wonderful Men Out of Uniform series coming out tomorrow, August 20th entitled The Closer. I’ve yet to be disappointed with any of the previous 14 books in this series. The men are wicked hot and just a little bit damaged, the women are quirky and electrifying, and Nelson always places them in interesting settings and predicaments, often with more than a little humor present.

For those of you wondering about other books in the series, check out the Goodreads page detailing all of them (as of the writing of this blog post, The Closer wasn’t on there – a source of great frustration from me since every book in the series should have a click through series name next to it) or take a look at my reviews of the Christmas novella His First Noelle or the wonderful full-length novel, The Professional.

Griffin Wicklow thinks he’s just a responsible guy doing a job but he’s always lived up to his obligations no matter how hard they are. Starting in middle school when his father left him and his mother and sister to start a new family with the woman he made pregnant, Griff’s purpose in life has been to step in and provide where he was needed.

Did you know that there really are jewel encrusted bras?

His life in the special forces went along the same lines, until he was contacted by his father seventeen years after he abandoned his family. Griff’s half-brother Justin desperately needed a kidney transplant at age 17 and although he hated his father, he wasn’t about to jeopardize a kid’s life out of bitterness. Discovering he was a match meant an operation and long-term recovery, one that had him rethinking going back to the military. Discovering a great security firm stateside in Atlanta meant he could be close to his mother and sister while doing work he was meant to do.

What he did not expect was his first assignment guarding a diamond encrusted bra. Meeting the representative of the creator, none other than the stunning jeweler/stock car racer Jessalyn Rossi, rocks him further back on his heels. She’s beautiful, but her beauty is surpassed by her lively demeanor and good heart. It doesn’t take long before Griff realizes that she is a much bigger risk than the thief who has declared his intention of stealing the jewels.

Jessalyn can’t believe her violent reaction to the auburn-haired man hunk calling himself a security guard. She expected “mall cop” and got “male underwear model,” but she’s more impressed by Griff’s understated sense of duty and how he was willing to give up his chosen career for the family he loves. As they find themselves dealing with thieves, naughty elevator music and sparkling underwear, the couple succumb to the attraction between them, even knowing they live too far away to make a real relationship between them.

I’m only sorry I didn’t get to see Jessalyn race stock cars! These were two terrific people and I actually thought the suspense plot was exceedingly clever as well as being the perfect set up for the next book (and the next hero). Griff was a smoking hot guy whose sense of duty made him even sexier and I adore the way he and Jessalyn went “all in” for each other without the usual self-defensive, distancing behavior other couples feel the need to do in order to safeguard their hearts. This was a fantastic addition to an already outstanding series, so many thanks to Rhonda Nelson for getting each of these men out of their uniform!

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