Video Wednesday: Fabulous Kiss and Love Scene in “Meet Joe Black”

28 Mar

I’ve got to admit, I think Brad Pitt is a terrific actor and incredibly handsome, but he hasn’t really ever made my heart flutter (is it my prejudice against blond men?  I don’t know.).  That said, I think that some of his work in the film, Meet Joe Black (1998), created a few of the most tender, romantic scenes in film.

The movie stars Anthony Hopkins as billionaire media mogul Bill Parrish who is about to celebrate his 65th birthday surrounded by his family and business associates, but who begins to suspect something is a little off. Sure enough, he’s going to die very soon, but there is a temporary reprieve in the works.  In an impassioned speech to his youngest daughter, Susan, a surgical resident who seems to be in a “neh” relationship with one of Bill’s business colleagues, he implores her to stay open and not settle in love and life.  Susan has a brief meeting with a handsome and vibrant young man, played by Pitt, but right after their meeting the young man is involved in a multi-car, and presumably fatal pile up.

But he shows up at Bill’s door.  Death, intrigued by Bill’s speech to Susan, decided to take the body of this young man and to experience life for a few days with Bill’s mentorship.  In return, Bill gets a temporary stay of execution and Death, who takes the name Joe Black, gets to feel mortal.  Part of the mortal experience is his romantic relationship with Susan, who thinks he is the man she meet in the coffee shop and is willing to jettison whats-his-face boyfriend with Brad Pitt right in front of her.  No fool she!

Naturally Death hasn’t gotten a lot of kiss time in his existence, so his first kiss fortunately lives up to the hype.  I think Pitt manages to put exactly the right combination of wonder, innocence and sensual awakening in this scene.

As the movie progresses, Susan decides to initiate a higher level of intimacy in their relationship, resulting in a scene that essentially becomes Death’s deflowering. Once again, the sweetness and wonder Pitt manages to convey regarding the sensual abandonment to the physical act of lovemaking is so incredibly sweet (and hot). This video just gives you the intro prior to the slightly more naughty bits, so you’ll have to check out the movie for the full scene (um…it’s worth it). says Meet Joe Black is available streaming on Netflix, but I can’t find it on my subscription, so I think it’s DVD via snail mail only.  It is available on Amazon for a $2.99 rental, so that’s also a possibility.  Check it out!

One Response to “Video Wednesday: Fabulous Kiss and Love Scene in “Meet Joe Black””

  1. seyelenteco April 2, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    One of my favorite movies! I was just looking at where I could watch it. I usually check out CanIStream.It, and it also says Netflix is available but it isn’t (must be something with netflix?), but they show lots of places to rent.

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